People with disabilities are outliving their parents more than ever before. As a result, more siblings are transitioning into caregiving roles, which includes full or partial responsibility for the long-term financial security of their siblings with disabilities. For many, stepping into a caring role—or even just anticipating this transition—can be overwhelming, leading to concerns about their own financial future and uncertainty around what steps to take.

In response, Siblings Canada has developed Savvy Siblings: Strengthening the Financial Security of Your Sibling with a Disability. This free online course is designed for adults who want to play a role in improving the financial security of their siblings with disabilities—whether for today or for the future. 

“Financial security is a top priority for siblings but navigating the various government programs can be confusing and overwhelming. We wanted to build a resource to ease this stress,” said Helen Ries, co-founder of Siblings Canada. “One of the goals of Savvy Siblings is to provide clarity around the various programs, benefits, and other resources available to people with disabilities. We want participants to feel confident building financial security for both them and their siblings.”

“We want participants to feel confident building financial security for both them and their siblings.”

-Helen Ries, Siblings Canada co-founder

Savvy Siblings in Action

The course outlines the basics of how adults can meaningfully contribute to the financial well-being of their siblings with disabilities. Once enrolled, participants will have access to nine self-paced chapters that explore diverse topics like the impact of ableism, the links between disability and poverty, and the importance of relationships to financial security. 

In addition to sharing videos, discussion boards and reflection exercises, the course outlines how to create a simple action plan for strengthening a sibling’s finances. 

Adults who enroll in Savvy Siblings will benefit from:

  • Fewer worries and anxieties about the future.
  • More confidence in their ability to meaningfully contribute to their sibling’s financial security.
  • Strategies for managing family conversations about finances and the future.
  • Greater preparedness in the event of a sudden or unexpected transition to a caregiving role.
  • Access to an online community of peers who also have siblings with disabilities.

Interested participants can register online now.

About Siblings Canada

Siblings Canada, an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE), raises awareness of the critical role siblings play in creating robust and responsive systems of care for people with disabilities. We serve as a source of relevant knowledge, learning and resources for sibling caregivers and the organizations supporting them.