Growing Capacity to Support Caregivers in Canada

Understanding the care landscape in New Brunswick

Caregivers across Canada face diverse challenges based on factors like age, incoming, and – perhaps most significantly – where they live. With an increasingly older population and a no formal systems of support, New Brunswick’s caregivers need programs and services more urgently than ever.

With our support, Silvermark is embarking on a needs assessment for regional support in New Brunswick to better understand the experiences of caregivers and existing support networks across the province.

Through this project, Silvermark will:

  • Complete a stakeholder map to identify partners across the aging, disability and illness sectors who provide support to caregivers, and identify gaps
  • Establish policy priorities to better support caregivers and caregiver support networks in the province
  • Facilitate a plan to establish a formal network of caregiver support for caregivers in New Brunswick

About Silvermark
We are redefining how we value the care economy by collaborating with purpose-driven leaders to design solutions that reflect what citizens want, need, and deserve.

We are skilled in navigating the complex intersection of healthcare, social care, and housing. We focus on what citizens value to inform policy, programming, and development. Most of our projects are first of their kind as our collaborators are seeking to inspire, innovate, and execute initiatives that reflect our shared values.

We seek alignment as the foundation of everything we design. Our approach considers the perspectives of policymakers, regulators, funders, operators, and citizens. We draw upon the experience of community leaders, sector experts, thought leaders, and those with lived experience.

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