Caregiver-Friendly Workplaces

A woman wearing an bright yellow jacket walking arm-in-arm through a park with her grandmother.

Supportive Employers for Working Caregivers

Over six million Canadians perform both paid work and unpaid care to friends or family member. This amounts to 1 in every 3 employees in Canada. It costs organizations $1.3 billion (collectively) in lost productivity each year when working caregivers are not supported in their workplace.

Employers can mitigate these losses by implementing policies, programs, and practices that support caregivers in managing their work and care responsibilities.

CCCE is working with Christa Haanstra of ClarityHub Inc. and Nora Spinks of Work-Life Harmony Enterprises to facilitate a national conversation on caregiver-friendly workplaces. As part of this project, Christa and Nora will work closely with people with lived experience, caregiver organizations, employers, researchers, and thought leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape of caregiver-friendly workplaces. This will include conducting a cross-Canada analysis and facilitating co-design sessions to identify how best to support employed caregivers across the country. 

This initiative will build on existing supports and models, identify gaps and co-create a national strategy based on a shared vision and set of principles. Working with those with lived experience, our collective goal is to build a network focused on creating supportive environments that meet the needs of working caregivers now and in the future.