TORONTO, ON, March 14, 2024 – The Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE) proudly announces its collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing (CISP) to enhance health and well-being opportunities for caregivers across Canada. Through a $1.8 million investment over two years, CISP will support Caregivers Alberta, Caregivers Nova Scotia, Family Caregivers of British Columbia (FCBC), and the Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) to improve access to social prescribing initiatives for caregivers in each province.

A person-centered approach that fosters self-determination, social prescribing supports individuals in creating their own pathways to holistic well-being. Healthcare professionals and social service providers work collaboratively with clients to connect them with services that support basic needs, social and emotional well-being, and that foster community belonging.

“By investing in social prescribing initiatives, we aim to build resilient communities where caregivers can find solace, support, and connectedness.”

-Liv Mendelsohn, executive director, CCCE

Provincial approach to social prescribing 

As part of this multi-year initiative, CISP will work directly with Caregivers Alberta, Caregivers Nova Scotia, FCBC and OCO to develop and expand social prescribing initiatives tailored to each organization’s unique needs. 

Learn more about provincial social prescribing initiatives: 

Social prescribing linked to better outcomes for caregivers and recipients of care

Evaluations of social prescribing initiatives in Canada and abroad have demonstrated its success in decreasing loneliness, enhancing a sense of connectedness and belonging, and improving mental health, sometimes up to 50 per cent. Loneliness, anxiety and declining mental health are commonly experienced issues faced by caregivers, according to a 2021 University of Alberta study.

Social prescribing has also been linked to reducing healthcare visits and deepening integration between clinical care, interprofessional teams, and social supports. It is also known to advance health equity by reducing barriers between health and social community care to support people’s immediate social needs. 


“Through this collaboration, CCCE and CISP are taking a crucial step towards prioritizing the mental health, physical health, and overall well being of caregivers across Canada. By investing in social prescribing initiatives, we aim to build resilient communities where caregivers can find solace, support, and connectedness” -Liv Mendelsohn, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence 

“Through the Canadian institute for Social Prescribing, the Canadian Red Cross is thrilled to continue supporting the evolving landscape of social prescribing in Canada with a particular focus on caregivers. We understand the tremendous burden many caregivers across Canada undertake to provide care for their loved ones and it is a privilege to work with dedicated organizations across Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia to provide them with the attention and support they deserve and need.” – Tanya Elliott, Chief of Health, the Canadian Red Cross

“Caregivers play a vital role in monitoring, maintaining and advocating for the health and wellness of their loved ones. Unfortunately, all too often, it comes at the expense of their own well-being. Through collaboration with healthcare providers and social service agencies, we are able to ensure caregivers are connected to the non-medical supports that will help safeguard their overall sense of wellness and connection to community. The partnership with Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence and Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing is an important step in achieving these outcomes.” – Darrel Gregory, Executive Director, Caregivers Alberta

 “One in 3 Nova Scotians provide care for a family member, friend, neighbour or loved one. Many caregivers provide care daily with little to no support, do not know where to get help, and feel lonely, isolated, and burnt-out. Caregivers Nova Scotia is delighted to be partnering with the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence and the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing on a pilot project to help identify, reach, include, and support caregivers across our province.” -Jenny Theriault, Executive Director, Caregivers Nova Scotia

“We’re thrilled to be partnering to expand our Caregiver RX Model that has been in development over the past six years. The results have been positive and compelling: when health care providers identify caregivers and prescribe caregiver support services, the caregiver gains immediate access to emotional support, navigation support, educational resources and individual planning. Together, across Canada, this is an exciting opportunity to expand our learning, accelerate caregiver friendly health care, and bring caregiving well-being into the spotlight.” – Barb MacLean, Executive Director, Family Caregivers of British Columbia

“In Ontario there are 4 million caregivers. OCO’s Spotlight Report indicates that seventy-three per cent are unsure whether they can continue in their role. Caregiver burnout, depression and feelings of isolation are on the rise. Social prescribing is an innovative and evidence-based way to help ensure caregivers have access to the support they need. The OCO is proud to partner with the Canadian Centre of Caregiving Excellence and the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing to expand this work across the province and better the lives of caregivers” – Amy Coupal, CEO, the Ontario Caregiver Organization