In celebration of its first anniversary, the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE) announces it will host the Canadian Caregiving Summit – a three-day hybrid event in Ottawa, Ontario, from November 6 to 8, 2023.

“The Canadian Caregiving Summit will bring together lived experience experts, leaders, policy makers, and researchers across the age, disability, and illness sectors to work together to build the foundation of a national caregiving strategy,” said Liv Mendelsohn, executive director of the CCCE. “A better future of care is possible, and we need all stakeholders unified to advocate together.” 

Canada could be the greatest place in the world to give and receive care. CCCE invites everyone across the country interested in building a better future of care to join the Canadian Caregiving Summit to work toward a future where care is valued.

“A better future of care is possible, and we need all stakeholders unified to advocate together.”

– Liv Mendelsohn, executive director, Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence

Canadian Caregiving Summit

To understand the impacts of providing care, it is essential to understand the experiences of both caregivers and care providers (i.e., those in paid care roles such as personal support workers and direct support professionals). The Summit will explore topics through the lens of all those who provide care across the lifespan, including those from LGBTQ+, Indigenous and racialized communities and the additional barriers they face as caregivers.

The Summit will include keynote speakers, plenary sessions and panel discussions on the most pressing issues faced by caregivers and care providers across Canada. Delegates will also participate in facilitated sessions to build the foundation of a national caregiving strategy.

CCCE has assembled members of its advisory council and Canadian Caregiver Advocacy Network to guide content for the event.

Caregiving is the next frontier in Canadian public policy

CCCE is an initiative of the Azrieli Foundation. Since its launch in May 2022, it has been advocating for public policy reform to address some of the most significant issues faced by caregivers and care providers (those in paid care roles) in Canada.

One in four Canadians identifies as a caregiver and it is anticipated that half will provide care in their lifetime. Caregiving can have significant physical and mental health impacts, as well as long-term financial consequences if a caregiver is required to slow their career or leave the workforce altogether to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities.

On November 7, 2022, CCCE released Giving Care: An approach to a better caregiving landscape in Canada, a policy whitepaper that outlines specific public policy reforms that could transform Canada’s care economy.

The Summit is the second phase of their advocacy work to push forward a policy agenda around care.

Celebrating one year of CCCE

CCCE launched in May 2022 with a bold vision of a Canada leading the way in quality care, where caregiving is valued, caregivers are supported and people accessing care are central to policies and practices.

Since its launch, CCCE has supported many programs and initiatives to better understand and support the needs of caregivers and care providers, including:

CCCE’s work is guided by four focus areas: support networks and knowledge sharing, education and leadership development, advocacy and policy and development, inclusion, and underserved communities. 

As we head into our second year, we are energized to be working together for a better future of care.