To start the new year, we are thrilled to welcome Nicole Dauz as incoming co-chair of the Canadian Caregiving Advisory Network (Caregiver CAN), the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence’s (CCCE) grassroots network of caregivers and allies. Nicole joins Katrina Prescott, Caregiver CAN co-chair since February 2023 with Christa Haanstra of Clarity Hub.

“Being a member of Caregivers CAN has been so inspiring and insightful. It has opened my eyes to all of the caregiving experiences that people have and then we use our collective lessons learned and needs to advocate on behalf of all Canadian caregivers.” – Nicole Dauz, Caregiver CAN co-chair

“I appreciate the opportunity to unite and bring about actual, effective change for caregivers in Canada. Together, our voices will foster lasting, positive transformations, paving the way for success for both those providing and receiving care.” – Katrina Prescott, Caregiver CAN co-chair

As co-chairs, Nicole and Katrina will lead quarterly meetings and support the activation of advocacy opportunities led by CCCE with the group. Caregiver CAN has a membership of 40 active and former caregivers from across the country. Committed to co-design, members help shape CCCE projects and advise and support committees related to CCCE priorities with other leaders in the sector. In 2023, members contributed to the Canadian Caregiving Summit planning committee, the design of the National Caregiving Survey, the Caregiver Aware Campaign and participated in a number of media opportunities related to caregiving. Advocacy opportunities are shared with thousands of caregivers across Canada through CCCE’s bi-monthly newsletter, Caring in Action.

In 2024, Nicole and Katrina will support the co-design of a national caregiver strategy with the group, as well as recruit new members from demographics underrepresented in Caregiver CAN membership.

We are grateful to Christa Haanstra for playing an instrumental role in the transition of the group from McMaster University to CCCE.

Caregiver CAN recruitment is underway!

Caregiving can happen throughout the lifespan and each experience is unique and influenced by geography, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic factors. To ensure Caregiver CAN membership includes a range of experiences, we are currently recruiting new members to bring their voices to the group, including people from underserved communities (racial and language minorities, rural, Altlantic and Northern communities).

If you are interested in joining our members, contact [email protected].

About Caregiver CAN

The Canadian Caregivers Advisory Network (Caregivers CAN) (formerly Caregivers4Change) assembles passionate and knowledgeable caregivers, researchers and allies to find practical solutions to challenges and mobilize for change. The group was formed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario under the leadership of Dr. Hsien Seow.