Throughout the month of May, National Caregiver Month is celebrated across Canada to acknowledge the 8+ million people providing care to a family member, friend, neighbor or chosen family across the country.

Caregiver Aware is a national campaign to raise awareness about the experiences of caregivers in Canada. Created in collaboration with caregiver support organizations across the country, the campaign explores some of the areas that impact caregivers and care providers the most, including:

  • interactions with healthcare systems,
  • access to social and community care,
  • challenges in our care provider workforce and  
  • caregiver-friendly workplaces.

A brighter future of care is possible. That is why we are creating a National Caregiving Strategy that will include tangible policy solutions to improve the experiences of all those who give care.

To have your voice heard, complete our online engagement form or attend one of our virtual public consultation webinars, held weekly throughout the month of May!

Caregiver facts:

  • One in four caregivers report fair or poor mental health. Caregivers are feeling tired (47%), worried or anxious (44%), or overwhelmed (37%) because of caregiving responsibilities. 
  • Caregivers provide an average of 5.1 hours of care a day, adding up to over 30 hours of unpaid care, or almost the equivalent of a full-time job.  
  • Senior caregivers are least likely to access any services or supports to help their responsibilities – from home modifications, to respite or transportation services. 
  • Half of caregivers have experienced financial stress in the past year due to caregiving. One in five (22%) caregivers has provided financial support to their care recipient, with 22% also reporting having spent at least $1,000 per month on out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • 80% of paid care providers have considered changing careers, citing unfair low compensation, inadequate staffing, discrimination and lack of unsafety at work.  

Explore our latest report, Caring in Canada to learn more.

A message from the Honourable Mark Holland, Minister of Health

A message from the Honourable Kamal Khera, Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities

Participate in Caregiver Aware

National Caregiver Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about the experiences of caregivers in Canada. We invite you to participate by:

  • Amplifying our messages or sharing your own message using the hashtag #CaregiverAware and the graphic below.
  • Supporting caregivers in your community by acknowledging the role they play and advocating for a better future for all those who provide care.

Resources for Caregivers

Caregiving organizations across the country provide many different types of supports to caregivers who provide care due to illness, aging or disability. Explore national and regional resources to support your caregiving journey.

Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence – Caregiver Resources
Caregivers Alberta
Caregivers Nova Scotia
Family Caregivers of British Columbia
L’Appui proches aidants
Ontario Caregiver Organization
Young Caregivers Association


About Caregiver Aware

Caregiver Aware is an annual national campaign to raise awareness about the experiences of caregivers in Canada. Caregiver Aware 2024 was designed in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence, Caregivers Alberta, Caregivers Nova Scotia, Family Caregivers of British Columbia, L’Appui proches aidants, Ontario Caregiver Organization, and the Young Caregivers Association.