World Carers Conversation 2022

May 19, 2022
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Virtual conference

Liv Mendelsohn, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence is moderating an international panel of sibling caregiver organizations.

Models of Support for Sibling Caregivers

A combination of improved medical care, good lives in the community and other factors have led to longer life expectancies for individuals with developmental disabilities (DDs), and many are now outliving their parents (Ouellette-Kuntz & Martin, 2014). Once parents are no longer able to provide support or care, the caregiver role often transitions to siblings of the individual with a DD. In many cases, this transition is made without support or adequate resources and generates considerable stress. Part of ensuring the well-being of individuals with DDs is supporting their sibling caregivers, who are often their life-long companions.

This panel of international representatives will explore innovative models of support for sibling caregivers and culturally appropriate best practices.

The organizations represented in the panel are all working to: 

  • Support the mental health and wellness of sibling caregivers through targeted programs, support groups and peer mentoring 
  • Provide guidance to caregiver organizations and clinical teams on how to better support sibling caregivers
  • Conduct research and needs assessments on sibling caregivers 

Liv Mendelsohn, Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence 

Helen Ries, Siblings Canada

Katie Arnold, Siblings Leadership Network, US

Caya Chui, Siblings Taiwan

Kate Strohm, Siblings Australia

Clare Kassa, Sibs UK

Ify Philippa Peterkins-Itoe, Siblings of Special Needs, Nigeria

Piyush Mishara, Siblings Support India