Siblings Canada

Savvy Siblings Webinar Series: Why is my Sibling with a Disability More Likely to Experience Poverty?

February 01, 2023
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST

If you have a sibling with a disability, it’s likely they are living in or at risk of poverty. This can be frustrating, feel unjust and most of all, be stressful—especially in terms of what it can mean for you today or in the future if you’re contributing to your sibling’s care.

This webinar will discuss the complicated relationships between disability, financial insecurity, and poverty. It will also look at what is being done (or can be done!) to reduce poverty for people with disabilities and answer your most pressing questions.

Join sibling Pamela Johnson in conversation with CCCE’s director of policy and government relations, James Janeiro in an important discussion about disability and poverty.

About the speakers

James Janeiro is the Director of Policy and Government Relations at CCCE. James has been involved in poverty reduction strategies, disability and politics for many years.

Pamela Johnson is Professor in the Management in Community Services program at Conestoga College. She was part of the provincial team that worked to close the remaining institutions for people living with developmental disabilities in Ontario. Pamela was a caregiver to her late mother for over 20 years. Pam is also the sibling of a person with a disability.

Helen Ries and Becky Rossi, Co-Founders of Siblings Canada and a siblings to people with disabilities, will moderate the discussion.

Note: This webinar will be recorded and saved as part of Savvy Siblings: Strengthening the Financial Security of Your Sibling with a Disability. This free online course is for adults who want to play a role in improving the financial security of their siblings with disabilities—whether today or in the future.