Caregiver Centered-Care Webinar Series: Changing the Culture and Context of Care

November 26, 2022
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST
Virtual webinar

The Caregiver Centered-Care webinar series brings together many of Canada’s top voices in caregiving to have a national discussion about prominent issues and challenges around caregiving and the key elements needed to support family caregivers.

Caregiver Centered-Care is a program of applied research and innovation in health services delivery in family caregiving at the University of Alberta. The Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence is a proud promotional partner for this event.

Changing the Culture and Context of Care

The culture and context of health and community care systems to support family caregivers must improve. Consultations of caregiving scholars found ingrained practices, attitudes, policies, and traditions do not support consideration of the family caregiver’s own needs, nor do they enable support provisions to family caregivers. This webinar aims to answer the question, “What strategies and policies are needed to change the culture and context of care to support family caregivers?”


  • James Janeiro, director of policy and government relations, CCCE
  • Emily Holzhausen, director of policy and public affairs, Carers UK
  • Susan C. Reinhard, senior vice president and director, American Association of Retired Persons Public Policy Institute
  • Carol Fancott, director, patient engagement and partnerships, Healthcare Excellence Canada